Are you a cookie lover? Good! At Lovin Oven Cakery we enjoy the challenge of creating the perfect treat for the cookie connoisseur in you. Ask for your order to be wrapped and tied with decorative ribbon for a ready-to-hand-out snack or party gift.

Butter Cookies

Our butter cookies are made with authentic European style butter, designed specifically to melt in your mouth and to cause an irresistible craving for more. Sprinkles are available in virtually every color; along with the opportunity to add generous toppings of milk chocolate.

A tray of butter cookies from Lovin Oven Cakery is the perfect gift for any occasion – a birthday party, anniversary celebration, wedding reception, or a simple get together of family and friends.

Sugar Cookies

Are you searching for a specific shape, theme, or color? Let Lovin Oven Cakery create a decorative sugar cookie to fit whatever image happened to stir your imagination. Whether you are looking for a traditional smiley face or a butterfly-shaped cookie, we can bake to perfection just about any order your heart desires.

Our sugar cookies make the perfect gift. You can purchase them individually wrapped or arranged beautifully on a tray.

Coffee Cakes

Lovin Oven Cakery offers a wide variety of coffee cakes, from raspberry to chocolate chip to butter pecan. Bring one to work for an office surprise; take one home to treat the kids; or pick one up just for you.

Dry Pastries

Want a great breakfast alternative to cereal? Treat yourself and a friend to coffee and a scrumptious pastry. Enjoy a fresh apple dumpling, a tasty cheese stick, or a warm turnover stuffed with cherries. You can also choose from an assortment of fruit fillings when you order our strudels or pie pockets. It’s a wonderful way to start your day!


How about a buttery soft Danish covered in the sweetest preserves? Or how about a donut covered with nuts, sprinkles, or chocolate icing? Enjoy them here at the store or take a dozen to go. At Lovin Oven Cakery we bake our Danish daily and top them with the finest ingredients to ensure a fresh experience every time you visit.

European Pastries

Need an elegant dessert to impress your dinner guests? We offer the finest selection of European pastries: tarts, éclairs, creampuffs, napoleans. You name it – we’ve got it! Come to Lovin Oven Cakery where the dessert display is to die for!


Looking for the largest muffin in Lake County? A Lovin Oven Cakery muffin comes stuffed with milk chocolate morsels, chunks of fresh apple, sweet blueberries, or freshly chopped carrots. Our muffins make for a hearty breakfast, a great snack, or a healthy after-school treat. Call ahead and we can wrap a dozen for you before you arrive.

With a Danish receipe that is over 100 years old, we combine only the best ingredients to give you a fantastic morning treat.  With self serve coffee, our doughnuts are just the thing you need to get going in the early morning hours.  Our doors open at 6am with smell of fresh danish and doughnuts wafting in the air. Create family traditions with Lovin Oven Cakery's sugar cookies.  Our talented staff of decorators are able to make thousands of designs to match almost any theme you can dream of.  Stop by today and select one of the many seasonal cookie designs available in our store.  Butter Cookies are an 'old bakery' tradition.  Using only the finest ingredients, we create a cookie that practically melts in your mouth.  When ordering your cookies remember to specify colors, matching your desserts to your party's theme.  Sold by the pound, these cookies can also be ordered on a tray, arranged with specific colors and types in mind. Search our store for pre-made trays to grab and go for your next gathering. Decorated to appeal to your eye and designed to wow your taste buds, our European Tortes will steal the show at your next event.  With over 20 varieties to choose from on any given day, Lovin Oven is certain to have the flavor combination that excites you and your guests. 
Popular torte types include: Andes, Triple Chocolate Fudge, Black Forest, Oreo and Cream, Chocoberry, Chocolate Parfait, Chocolate Fan, Coconut, Double Chocolate Parfait, Strawberry Parfait, Mousse, Nickel, Boston Cream, Lucky Lady, Queen Anne, Orange Mariner, Raspberry Pinwheel, White Chocolate Truffle, Cannoli, Brownie Deluxe, Chocolate Truffle, and Praline.